The Reclamation of Self

Found this and it inspired me so I thought I would share…enjoy!  🙂

There was a time when everything possessed a soul, a time when we could weave meaning into a living fabric filled with dreams, a time when our untethered lives could breathe life into anything, a time when we held the key that unlocked the animism in everything we encountered. For many, that time was in their childhood or youth—before society and culture shaped and caused them to compartmentalize the magic of the universe within them.We have lost ourselves in the sea of expectations from our partners, from society, from our job and for those that are religious… God.

Overtime, the habit of meeting everyone’s expectations and needs takes a toll on us. We are held captive by the demands of the world, which slowly drain the life force from us until we wake up one morning and engage life as a soulless robot.Look around and notice how people have become so mechanical in every area of their lives. They’re mechanical in their thinking, in their loving, in their dancing, in their kissing, in their breathing, in their hugging, in the way they write, in the way they communicate and in the way they interact with the living world.

We have become better at interfacing with computers than with people…In order to reclaim ourselves; in order to return to the oneness (and fun-ness) of who we are—we must find the living pulse of the spirit that dwells deep inside, we must re-inhabit the inner world, and rediscover the mythic flow and allow it to pass through us extinguishing the existential despair that permeates us as well as our culture.

Only then can we recover the lost language of the soul and resurrect our true self.The process of transformation and reclamation begins with introspection and acknowledging the betrayal of our authenticity. It begins with reconnecting with the living intelligence within our heart that we have discounted and devalued. The spirit of who we are can only flower into existence when we begin to feel the livingness in ALL things. We must not only become masters at articulating our thoughts, but also our feelings.

When we begin to see the living world with luminous eyes; our perception of the world changes. The inner world then becomes a vast ocean that we begin to explore.The wildness that’s been sequestered or abandoned long ago spills out of us allowing a reconnection with the soul essence of life.

We’re awakened to an invisible force, some deep substance that helps us to shed the layers of approval-seeking habits and behaviors that have caused us to become an enemy of our true self bringing us back to feelings of destiny, for that is what is lost in so many lives, what must be recovered: a sense of personal calling, a sense of self-acceptance, that there is a reason for us being alive…


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