Losing Romeo

Confused state of conflicting consciousness,
Seemingly endless cloud of unrestlessness,
Unadulterated pattern of ignorant bliss,
Clearly edging towards a internal kiss.
Countless acts too many to name,
Puts everything worked for to complete shame.
This paradox opening and closing,
Nothing left to be so assuring.
Idolized a life so fancy and free,
Too bad your disillusion of what life is supposed to be.
A certain sadness can always be found in your current state of breath, light and sound.
So much more is in store,
So leave everything behind on the desolate shore.
Too content for what you thought was yours,
Alas you realize you have nothing left to fight for.
Being locked behind a cage door,
Nothing left to be admonished and not even adored.
You have laid upon a cold foundation,
Alas sleep without any satisfaction.
A death like sleep state… Less than what you wanted to make.
You are forever lost my precious Romeo.

© Seleta Harvey 2014

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