So far gone

So far gone are the memories of the past,
A life learning lesson rotating like a crystal ball made of glass.
A noticeable spark that seemingly died,
Only because something was needed inside.
Things of the known could clearly be seen,
Sadly missed the past because you failed to intervene.
Your participation, your presence was required,
Something was needed yet so uninspired.
Everything left flat and completely unkept.
So far gone emotions, the hurt and the pain,
Something that happened can never be fully explained.
Actions of discourse and reckless behavior,
Never thought you would ever attempt to be a savior.
A moment of clarity…a brief epiphany,
So many thoughts so full and plenty,
So far give is the person I know,
Never again contemplate on the things that grow,
Between us…so far apart and gone,
Yet never feeling like we would of won.

© Seleta Harvey 2014


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