Soul Weaver

You made your way through the corridors of time,
Where the space and I reside is truly divine.
You peeked in and had to partake,
A sweet taste of this delectable smelling cake.
It fed your senses to another level,
So confused you found yourself plateauing.. near the brink of your own mass destruction.
You do not care where it carries you to,
Just somehow you knew you had to get through.
Defy levels of rationale and logic,
Thru the walls of this completely platonic…A desire, a need of insatiable lust,
You push with all your might to the very last thrust.
To quench your thirst of mass proportions,
You are filling up like one massive ocean.
you do not know where you begin,
And simply if you end,
All you know is that you must be one and just blend in.
Soul Weaver… engraving your way,
Your consciousness tries to make sway,
Of a different direction… A new day.
Forget reality for it is just another casualty,
Satisfied your will… Just take that sweet innocent pill.
Close your eyes and take it down your throat,
Realize you’re simply on this heavenly dream boat.
Stay as long as you like or never leave if you wish,
You satisfied every ounce of my eternal bliss.

© Seleta Harvey 2014


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