Years of Echoes

Deep within the senses are some of the heartfelt wishes,
To be completely actualized,
So much more profound and fantasized.
A longing is so severe,
Blood pumping in every bit of thy ear.
A long silence now filled with the echoes of pleasurable pleas,
All that one wants and wishes to be.
Smooth sailing on this body of ocean,
No ripples or tides, Nothing but sensual and softness of thighs,
A dripping sensation of wondrous sighs.
Contemplative, decisions of what is in store,
Something that can never be bought and tangible like deep into your core.
Longing and sleeping through the years,
Echoes deafening… starving…waiting for the  meal.
Timeless contraption holding everything hostage,
Forever reaching and continually believing.
Once in a lifetime this purpose arises,
No more hiding behind  faceless disguises.
See what lies behind a spark in the eyes,
Almost delectable as a sweet potato pie.
Relishing the appetite in a satisfying sigh,
it continues to echo as the years go by…by…by…

© Seleta Harvey 2014


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