Breathing things into existence before saying them

I have come to understand that one must take the time to breathe a certain manifestation of things before speaking it into existence. You need breath in order to fully expound in the words that you want to come out. I feel without breath there can be no words to be said. Just like the thoughts you have can flow thru like air from mind to your mouth. So why not incorporate the “idea” that breathing certain words before the physical aspect of the word comes out of your mouth.

There is this idea, concept or realization that I have reached that breathing those positive things that you want in and out of life can be fully expressed if you allow the air to sweep thru your entire being first. Like the idea is being formulated inside you first then the next logical step is creating the vocabulary and speaking it.

Breathing, thinking and speaking the positive things that you want in and out creates a sensation of euphoric proportions. It’s like another level of having a “epiphany”. There is a certain aspect of cohesiveness that brings everything full circle. I believe once you realize this how you breathe, when you speak and how you speak will be changed. Due to the fact that you become more aware of your own words and the power that is behind them. The entire process of breathing is to aid you in becoming even more aware or even to awaken to other possibilities. As always there is always the first step and that is to just breath. 🙂

© Seleta Harvey 2014


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