Porcelain Facade

Beyond the walls of creamy creation,
let alone the idea of server sophistication,
A mask…a decent full character of excrement,
Smeared remnants slowly washed away,
A life less living of urban decay.
This porcelain facade yet faded and somewhat my dear,
Appearance is something less than what can be specifically clear.
Waving through the endless corridors of a forgotten path,
So much more addition,
Like that of a hopeful simple math.
You have become this porcelain facade,
Quite illusive and too private to seek,
Your meekness is truly unique.
Piqued thee curiosity of those far and near,
Maybe so close as a loving whisper in your lover’s ear.
A blush…a redness so bright,
Cannot discern from wrong and what is right,
Trying to decide “can I make it thru this night?”
To destroy this porcelain facade requires something like that sinful pride,
Abolished…completely dilated…an intimidating and untimely annihilation,
Porcelain…yes that facade make it shattered like pieces of glass,
All it is…is just a one night stand…yup a piece of ass!
No longer needed…an exit wound…
A painful reminder,
Blocking you out…I am putting on my blinders.
No longer see or feel what you  are.
You’re a terrible mess, a nasty old scar,
Was it good for you or was it sub par?
Your porcelain facade has no meaning and no end.
Only wants “to be ” and simply blend in.

Copyright © 2014


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