Cunning and completely daring you are,
Some parts I wish to tear apart.
To redefine, re-structure which that you seem to be,
Illusive you are from here to eternity.
Moving like a ghost, a figment from the past,
To leave a mark, a scratch, a slap on a warm tender ass.
Quickly moving fast from one side to the next,
You do not wish to be seen,
Like a distant lover, a faded out ex or even a wet dream.
Shape shifting of characterized proportions,
You need to chill…drink this…
To relax, sedate  you…
Knock you completely  out,
So I have time to dissect  you  and figure you out.
No longer illusive you need to be,
Throw away that mask and only be what I really ask.
You…yourself nothing more and nothing less,
I have passed all the required mental and physical  test.
Check my vitals…be the doctor if you must,
Taking another powerful thrust.
Be illusive if you  dare,
In my presence if you really care,
I implore you try if you are still there.

Copyright © 2014


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