Cauldron of Memories

Something unnerving and yet completely  unspoken,
Has caused a shift…a piece to be paid with so many tokens.
As time has collapsed and met at this point,
I have become wounded and you are my ointment.
Heal what has been…a rough repetition of feelings taken for granted,
Not reciprocated  that caused my condition,
What was the purpose  your ultimate mission?
A cauldron of memories…some good and bad,
Somethings  need to be subtracted  and fail to add.
The number of instances  of a foretold  vision,
Seek your  royalty…
It is wrapped up in this thing known as loyalty,
It will never spoil thee.
Never to be brought  but only given 
Like air that allows you to keep on living.
Hiding from what you are  truly  feeling will not give you peace,
Your  mind will unravel to say the least.
Of  all the unspoken  things you  fail to say,
Your mind will fool you,
Like a puppet…you will play.
Try to fight it will bring you defeat,
in a wondrous  display.
For the things  you thought you held dear,
….it will ALL  decay.
Give in…accept what is and start  to pray,
For all that you want is a fingertip  away.

Copyright © 2014


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