Testing …testing…1, 2, 3,
Can’t believe this happened…how could this be?
I cannot hear in my right,
You fade out…a bashful silence my dear.
I sweat we had the same frequency…
Wait…am I coming in clear?
I hear your truths  but none of your lies,
Your just greedy you want the whole  ******* pie?
You can’t have it the way you want,
Compromise  you must…what are you that old fashion style font?
Your like a Word document to a degree,
Hitting ENTER, ENTER, ENTER repeatedly…now your just messing with me?
Mmm  you little blue devil!
The elasticity of your character  has reached another level,
To break, to snap at any given second,
Are you blind man?
Ooh  I am sorry did I steal a piece of your Heaven,
Sorry…sorry the apologies coming thru,
Exactly how much did you really do?
Nevermind…don’t answer that my assumptions are in full gear,
To reach a conclusion…you can’t have that much appeal?
I just dropped my mic,
As well as one of your  unthinkable  vice.

Copyright © 2014


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