Why do you hide?

I wrote this a few months back and wanted to share so enjoy! 🙂

Trying to understand the rationale behind your irrational thinking,
This pure chaos truly in the making.
You cannot hide or deny in what your feeling,
There is something beautiful in the experience…trust me and start believing.
Your hide from me like the sun behind the clouds,
Yet your thoughts are screaming out loud.
Calm the voices in your head,
Please tell what you feel instead,
Holding back everything…just in the dread,
That you constantly keep this up you certainly feel dead.
Inside a hollow shell, empty inside,
Nowhere love could possibly reside,
Why do you hide?
It’s a pointless game,
You have nothing to ever be ashamed of,
Knowing all your flaws and your uncertainities,
I still have hope for your into what you will be.
The question still lingers…
Why do you hide?
Especially from me,
All the givens and equally shared,
Nothing can come close or even compare,
I understand your uneasiness and simply be here.

Copyright © 2014


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