Beautiful Mess

A true blessing, a sweet melody singing,
Coming to fruition a humbled beginning.
Lies with happiness something worth,
a new order…a child being birth.
Simplified and idolized in its awake,
to truly stir up and just break.
A new foundation of divine permanence,
Understood profoundly with extreme endurance.
Never fake and never to folly,
it taste sweet like a little loli….
Pop into existence.
A hand shall cast within a deep and profound love spell,
Spilling over in this plane of total bliss,
Happiness is contagious like a memory of that first real kiss.
Temporary it is not,
Certainly not full of any clout,
It lives in its own cocoon,
Like a butterfly spreading its wings to make more room.
Seemingly satsified with everything implied,
Never forget life truly didn’t lie.
Believe what you feel and not what you see,
Everything is simple if you let it be…
A beautiful mess yes indeed that is what you are,
a reminder to me a sweet little scar.

Copyright © 2015


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