20 Things I have learned over the last 2 years

This is just a few things that I have learned and some things I will not repeat. People are the greatest way to learn lessons and see the mistakes that were made.

1) Scared love doesn’t grow love. It takes a great deal of courage to tell anyone that you love them. Silence is never a good thing because it can be misinterpreted. So be honest and tell the truth in how you feel. Never comfort someone with a lie.

2) Some people do not deserve so many chances. If people learned from their mistakes then alot of growth could take place. Second and third chances should be given if necessary and should never be taken for granted.

3) Everyone has their own definition of “friend”. Some have used that word too loosely and it has lost some of its meaning. There are certain things you do not do to someone you call your friend. There is a certain level of respect that is given.  A person that continously takes and never fully gives back was not your friend to begin with. Friendship is a give and take…and not all taking and giving nothing back.

4) No one is ever that busy to communicate! With all the technology available there should be no reason not to communicate with someone you deem special. Some people have missed the value in letting someone know they care or just want to know how they are doing. No communication boils down to not interested. Time is precious and should not be wasted on waiting for someone to communicate.

5) Never use good people out of convenience! It truly says alot about character and how you view people.

6) Trust- once it is destroyed it is almost impossible to get it back. That person whose trust was taken for granted will always be on alert and fully aware.

7) Some people have a screwed up view on relationships and one of the reasons is due to the fact time wasnt taken in order to heal. “Hurt people hurt people”- a very true statement! More than 1 person is involved and think about them…dont be selfish!

8) If you cant be honest with yourself then how can you be honest with someone else! Dont expect to get what you do not give!

9) People do not have to do kindness from the heart…it is a choice! If someone does something from the heart do not be ungrateful and do not.make them.feel less.than worthy and like it was a mistake.

10) Ego and pride WILL KILL anything that has the potential to grow and be more! Embrace the insecurities learn from them and grow. Do not become stuck in the familiar!

11) You cant do new things with people who are comfortable in the mundane.  If you find yourself surrounded by those that have no drive then it is time to.let go and move on!

12) Bring more to the table than just bedroom skills…it will only get you so far. Being well rounded, flexible and wanting to do more is always a plus!

13)  Be more selfless and less selfish!

14) Say what you mean and mean what you say. Actions will forever speak louder than words!

15) Be aware of your behavior when your by yourself and in public…its called self-awareness! How you think is how you act!

16) Never mislead people and always be clear. When you reach a certain age you should NEVER have to guess what someone is thinking or feeling. They should be able to tell no matter how hard it is.

17) Everyone doesnt deserve the type of energy you have or the presence of your company. Be selective!

18) There is a difference between hearing and listening.

19) If it doesnt bring you joy,make you laugh or raise your consciousness…get rid of it! God has given you too much to be unhappy.

20) Being vulnerable to someone that truly cares about your well being should not be seen as being weak but a sign of strength.


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