Bad Guy

Let’s be honest, just clear as day,
Your a bad guy and I’ll admit…so am I in a few ways.
Wait…pause beefier you catch an attitude,
Take a deep breath and curb your temper before it reaches another altitude.
Yea I said it and I won’t lie,
The way your actions have shown and proved your morals have simply died.
Not sure what happened maybe it was your pride,
Certain rules you think do not apply.
I’ll admit I am a bad guy too,
Only because the shit you put me through I never thought you would do.
Clumsy in public, callous on your feelings…
You turned into the bad guy…all balls and no meaning.
Things that should of been said,
Too scared and you only misread…sad to know you were too much in your own f****** head!
My intentions and my hope for you,
The things said I only told but a few.
Understand…maybe even conceptualized,
You only knew how to specialize,
I only wanted your company and all hand aside.
The bad guy…mmmm at times we must play,
The ultimate sacrifice is what you have to play.
Pride cannot pay it and not satisfy it too the full amount.
What it will cost you some of your ego and even maybe a piece of your heart.
The part you never intended to use,
You know the part of you that is so battered and bruised.
You didn’t think it was worth anything and more do you could be right,
But as for right now your the bad guy tonight.

Copyright ©2015


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