The Fool

Once, twice maybe three times or more we have all played the fool but yet you even more!
I figured you may be rotten to the core?
A bad apple…many slightly a few,
You really don’t have a stinking clue?
You thought you had it altogether…
Tight like gorilla glue!
No wonder your depressed and fifty shades of blue.
The fool…the idealistic manifestation of a glamorized joker,
Sorry your not even good for one game of poker!
You lost your mask chasing old past ass,
Not an ounce of grown man class.
Lackluster of hopes waiting to be filled,
The future you could of almost killed.
All because your scared and lost some of your will…
Power to make it come to fruition,
Everything you could of had is now ultimately missing.
The fool…chief of propaganda…
The missing sock in an empty basket,
Don’t kill your dreams,
Rest in peace at the bottom of a casket.
The fool…unadulterated version of conclusions never spoken,
Who would of thought spent that very last token.
A move…a risky risk, a reckless lesson you couldn’t learn,
Something’s in life you have too earn,
So I am simply going to let all the memories be burned.

Copyright © 2015


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