Whatif God had human characteristics??

Sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture whether you are ready to or not. Everything you and say is a clear reflection of you and the people you surround yourself with. Thank God for being God and the fact that God has and will never be human and have human characteristics. Think on this:

1. Whatif God became deattached at certain times, just for no reason at all?

2. Whatif God was afraid say or show “I love you” at the times when it is most needed?

3. Whatif God decided to play games with no intentions of stoping because its fun?

4. Whatif God only spoke to you when it was convienent for Him and never thought how you would feel?

5. Whatif God became nonchalant and never addressed problems that could be easily fixed with the right mindframe and spirit?

6. Whatif God decided to cross lines and boundaries that common sense tells you not to?

7. Whatif God decided not to keep His word, to lie instead of being truthful, to be secretive, flirt in not ideal situations that involved an ex?

Thankful everyday that God is BIGGER than all those things I listed. If God behaved like some of our human characteristics…we would be in so much trouble. When you realize things really should and need to change. Some things that people did in their 20’s should not been done when your 30+…time to be held accountable because there are other parties involved.


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