Funeral of the Heart

Here I stand looking into deep, desolate blackened ditch,
Thinking how could you, you lackluster b****!
This could of been avoided at many times it seems,
You didn’t have any intent of loving her maybe only in your dreams.
As you stand there watching the events go by,
This could of been fixed but you rather hang onto your selfish pride.
I see you with such disguise,
Your sadness is fake you do not know the meaning behind the cries,
You wouldn’t fit even if you wasn’t circumcised!
Too late to figure it out,
The expression on your face nothing but insecurity and doubt.
Together we watched her being lowered into her final resting place,
I beam my eyes at you with such disgrace,
How can you call yourself a man and even show your face?
Her love for you was an honest and warm tender embrace.
You took her for granted thinking she would always be here,
Now look at the damage you have done she has forever disappeared.
Refocus my thoughts to see what has truly going on,
The loud such as the casket finally hits the ground,
It started as you as it should you f****** clown.
Honesty, faith, hope and love have showing to pay their last respects,
To a dear sweetheart that you that you did not deserve to any effect.
As the roses fall scattered amongst the hard surface,
I shed a tear for her because you are afraid to,
Admit all your wrong doings because your ego is caught up in your throat… I am glad you’re turning blue.
Fall in that ditch to be buried with her,
Your time on earth was less than a blur,
I stand and look over at the dirt covers you and essentially her,
The space in between, a border, protection from you sir.
The ditch is now filled, leveled and smooth,
No more hurt or damage you can possibly do,
Justice served in a strange way,
Funeral of the heart has been laid to rest today.

Copyright © 2015


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