A Recipe called Disaster

No matter how many times you flip it and try to change it,
Everything is so off…completely no aim.
In spite of the countless times to make sense,
I swear your off and utterly dense.
No way to fix it, better yet too scratch and sniff,
To even think about you leaves me ridiculously pissed and most definitely sick.
Yea you had me for a minute…
Two years to be exact,
I don’t know who you are you put up a serious academy award act.
Sorry no award will be given,
So cheap it will never add up to the dividends,
All I see is just a means to an end.
Disappointments will never add up,
All you wanted to do is run around and make a muck,
Fabrication of lies and deceit,
Too many too name so they started to compete.
Not for attention but out for pride,
Some bullshyt and shame you just can’t hide.
Your ego took full suit,
And performed one final hoot!
A recipe just made in poor taste,
So sad to see talent go to a perfect waste.
Disaster is your new government name,
Don’t look at anyone,
Your the only one to blame!
One ingredient too many in this tasteless contradiction,
I swear on everything this may better Pulp Fiction!
Too stomach the thought you were what I wanted,
Your like a bag nightmare,a dream that haunted….
Sticky and slithering to a nonporous foundation,
Have you ever heard of the term “Castration?”
Cut off…compel removed,
No amount of glue will ever do!
Your a recipe of utter disaster,
You turned into a slave matter.
It’s too late and can never be fixed,
Disaster I called you…
You can leave you are now dismissed…

Copyright © 2015


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