Thick Skin (Melanin)


Smooth feeling, a wondrous treat,
So forming in more than one place tho meet,
Making me hungry and ready to eat!
Coco butter smelling…that sweet aroma so strong you can hear it yelling!
Deafening to the ear but to the body so much more ummm…appealing!
Good Lord simply cannot help too keep my mind from reeling.
Chocolate or Carmel flavored,
Don’t mind me would I just savor,
Mmmm ready to sign my life away on the dotted line of your waiver.
How can I help you…can I do you a favor?
Your melanin…something about it,
Got me feeling high, completely and happily lit,
Thick skin…mmm where exactly have you been with that tasty scent?
So perfectly wrapped and beautifully formed,
I seriously think my mind is getting turned on!
Your melanin…that thick skin,
No other combination will ever win!
Thick, rich and healthy your skin is,
Feel like I win the grand prize…You genius, you damn wiz!
A little chuckle…a silent laugh,
I swear I think about your melanin and I completely blast…
Off to another universe in my spaceship…my ride,
Covered in red, black and green so much pride.
Can’t help but notice me as I fly by.
That thick skin…that delectable dessert,
Mmmm truly appreciate everything it is really worth,
Mother Nature did her thing when she gave birth!
That thick skin…that melanin…God’s greatest creation on earth must be a heavenly skin.

Copyright © 2015

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