6x6, adultry, art, black and white, blinded, double exposure, drawing, expression, face, girl, graphic design, hands, illustration, man, masks, pain, painting, photography, portrait, pressure, shame, sorrow, surreal, woman

Cascading tears of monumental proportions,

Fall down your face raging like the ocean.

Yet unclear and unfamiliar the situation is,

Too deaf to decipher…thought you were a true wiz.

So uncanny and seemingly undone,

A true mental race you could of won.

Blinded to a certain degree,

False realities, human skin attached to a weaken flesh a little below the knee.

Right there…see what you feel,

Does it meet your satisfaction and your untimely appeal?

Laugh, breath easy to shake off your nerves,

Mmm how calm you look so completely reserved.

Blinded…completely taken aback,

You forgot how to act?

To respond, to show action, to a form a plan,

Your so blinded you will never understand.

The hurt and disgust felt within,

The needle in the haystack that simply just bends and blends.

Blinded…concoction of layers unresolved, prolific issues,

I know you are running out of tissues,

To catch and remove…what exactly do you want to do?

Blinded…lost in the sauce and no audience applause.

I hope you are not proud of where you are,

There is more to you…I know this because you are not like the others like a star.

Clear your vision and simply put not not pretend,

Your time is now and you must begin to ascend,

to meet your deadline…the end.

Copyright © 2015



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