You Just Don’t Understand

You hear my words but not my plea,

Wishing and praying for hoe things came to be.

Counting my breath…one, two and three.

I stop to think and just shake my head,

Like dusty cobwebs forming in a unmade bed.

Where love did possibly reside and eventually fled.

You just don’t understand …

The countless times I wanted you to take a breather from all your work,

Nonstop hustle like a motel desk clerk.

I’ll never beg and plea for your attention,

I won’t forget to even mention,

Time invested and completely amiss,

I feel like at times you just up and dismiss,

The connection, the vibe,

What still hols true deep down inside.

Will you ever understand or even begin to fathom,

You came and gone like a shy phantom.

Screaming I wish you would stop and understand,

The way your behaving is not apart of the plan.

I can’t decipher the code that you put out,

Your swimming in your head,

Words floating and nothing but doubt.

Just stop and think ” I must figure this out?!?”

To understand, embrace and beautifully comprehend,

What needs to take place and make amends,

You don’t understand could bring something divine to a disastrous  end.

Copyright © 2015


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