Access Denied

No I am sorry you can’t come in,

Your not welcomed here  that is where I will begin.

Don’t ask why or how come,

You are completely aware of exactly what you have done.

I am not going to explain it or even try to make clear,

You need a good spanking…yup right on your rear.

Maybe a belt even better as truck,

To hit you and make you sound like Donald Duck.

Lame and unrefined you are,

I find your copping skills completely bizarre.

Oohh too late I already closed the gate,

This is not high school debate!

Not my fault you neglect to elevate.

Keep trying to cross the boundary I have already set,

Are you deaf, blind or stupid better yet  its your mindset.

Your access has been denied and you cannot come back in.

Tried too many times and give you another chance,

You failed to appreciate and I will not give you a glance.

Not even a look over or a caring glimpse.

Not one simple blink!

You wrote your fate in stone,

My heart aches and so blown,

Your just so cold,

Cannot afford to go down that road,

Your so hard to decode.

So I’ll leave and bid you farewell,

No longer aligned with you…no parallel,

I’ll never buy anything you try to sell,

Access denied…now I hope you live well.

Copyright © 2015


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