Fascinated by its design,

By courses set through distance and time,

Made for to eventually be mine.

An anomaly true manifestation in energy form,

Completely off and better than the what is consider norm.

That click…old as the living soul,

Never duplicated…cannot be welded or even made into a mold.

That sensual energized sensation,

Without the single thought and feel of hesitation.

It’s always there you did not have to seek it,

It met you in your sleep,

Letting you know it’s something you must keep.

That click…never denying or even spying,

Always inspiring and yet gratifying

Ooohh yes and bodily edifying!

Spread you open without your knowledge or even your permission,

It had one task an earth shattering mission.

To shake and wake you,

To slap you into existence,

Something your inner man always knew.

You cannot fight it is so enticing…that click,

I am that person that universe forming intelligent chick.

I have that spark of my Father’s divinity,

That will even make your enemies love me.

Rewired  your hard drive of connections,

With my simple ways and earthy expressions.

Pretend, wear the masks and try to force if you like,

When you know the click with me certainly feels right.


Copyright © 2015





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