My puzzle book missing some pieces,

And your essence abilities magnifies and slowly increases.

You are ying and yang…

A balancing act…

A distracted soul in the form of a man,

There are parts of you that you fail to embrace and understand.

An epiphany…an eye opening thought,

A snap, a click something you missed and never fought…

…back for what you wanted,

You will forever be haunted.

Shadows of missed opportunities in your collective consciousness,

Your own little warped self-made communities.

Internal chatter…

Stuff you thought really matter,

Now you look in the mirror your starting to crack and shatter.

It is ok not to have it all together,

You need to embrace that you are stitched with pieces of divine brown leather.

Epiphany…your actualized reality,

Life took you on a shopping spree.

You bought more bad than the good,

Now you sit back and think ” what would Jesus do?”

Epiphany…a continuous circling motion,

Never thought you would feel like this and ride the wave of human emotion.

Can never deny the epiphany…that singular devotion.

Copyright © 2016




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