Life and Shenanigans Of 4everguardedartist

I can see it all in your eyes,

You could never hide it from me,

Everything you could ever want can actually be.

I need you to stop running and being distant it does you no good,

You are denying the inevitable like growing into adulthood.

No amount of a snap back covering will do,

Trying hard to keep it together with all that gorilla glue.

Vacant…empty space could be filled with a thousand possibilities,

You hold yourself back because of too many heavy responsibilities.

Man made and of course in a disorderly orderly fashion,

But to deny your heart’s desire and your strong passion.

Create what you will and try to lay it out,

But your vacant eyes fill to the brim with doubt.

Stop it right now you want more than this,

Consider your spirit and intuition and you will never miss…

A days of pure happiness and…

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