Month of January: Manifestations and Divine Timing



I am going to start off saying  in no way shape or form am I an expert on what I am going to touch on. I can only share my experiences of what I was shown, learning and growing through during this process with people,places and things. You are the only expert on you and I am the only expert on me…get it? got it? Good! What I am going share may strike a nerve or maybe you will gain a better understanding or you could possibly walk or click away knowing that something you read besides “Googling it” got you thinking about life in general.

In the beginning of this month, one of the many things and big changes I am looking forward to is moving to another state or just “going back home” but the only difference is I been away from home a very long time but I have gained another perspective. I do not look at moving back as stepping back but a bright push forward to my future. Just like going away to college and visiting home and then making the decision to stay or go back ultimately I am going back. Some good and bad have lead me to the point that I have had enough of where I am and I am more than ready and willing to make some much needed changes. Nothing says change like cutting your hair so that same idea can be applied when moving…right? Cutting off the old and fully embracing the new!  Yelp that is where I am! Certain things have manifested over the last 26 days within this month and I wonder what the last 5 days are going to bring? Somethings have went my way and some not so much but I am thankful to have those experiences in the means of growth. There are a few things that I have a deeper appreciation for and a better understanding:

  1. Manifestations are truly real! Like they say if you put your mind to it you can achieve it. However, I like to think if you pray about it then you have something to say about it. I have learned the importance even more of speaking positive into existence and it coming back to you. The universe rewards the good and the bad so I have been even more mindful of the things I say and monitoring my thoughts. I find that meditation helps a great deal with manifesting things that I want in my life and the life of those I love and care deeply for.
  2. Everyone has a heart but some fail to speak on how they feel! I do not know but maybe its me but I have been noticing that people are scared to speak from their heart. Call me old fashion but anyone who talks to me from the heart I take that serious because it is not easy. People are easily hurt not by just things are said but not said; no action causes no reaction; no communication could possibly be no interest.  Yes we are aware of the fact that in this day and age many things are changing and people are become busier than ever. However, it takes less than a second to text someone and let them  know they are on your mind or a call to say ” just wanted to hear your voice.” When did it get so hard to check up on those you care for and vice versa? When did the societal bullshit seep so far into people’s brain and let them think ” If I do this he/she is going to think I am thirsty?” It takes a lot of courage to show what you feel and it is very human of you.  Do not let anything stop you from expressing anything…its your mouth and no one else’s not your bae, boo stank, baby, love, girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife. You are doing yourself an injustice not living in your truth and someone else’s. No fear is worth losing the one that truly and honestly loves you!
  3. If you can talk it up prepare to back it up! Too many people have become good a pretending, being on autopilot etc. and use humor to try and cover it up. A cover will only last but so long and then you have work to do. I find that most people have difficulty in keeping their word on the simplest things. So it will make you think if they cannot do the simple things then how can they handle the hard stuff? If your words are pointless then so will your actions. Make sure everything you do counts to you first because the way you live life is your testimony to others. You never know who is truly watching.
  4. Going more with the flow! With everything occurring especially in this past first month of 2016 a repeating theme has been learning how to go with the flow more. Being a perfectionist going with the flow was something that I had to learn over time and not just within a month. In some instances I have learned when to go with it and when to do something. I feel as though discernment plays a major role in going with the flow. A lot of positive things can be birthed out of not having expectations. One thing that goes without saying is that when you have expectations of a person, place or thing and it doesn’t happen it leads to disappointment and nobody likes to repeatedly go through that. Just by going with the flow you open the door to other opportunities as well as more clarity and understanding when it comes to a situation. Would you rather have blinders on in a situation and seeing one option or expanding your sight to see the entire situation with many options? Choice is yours!
  5. Learn people from where they currently are! We have all dealt with individuals that we can clearly see their potential but fail to see their own and we get frustrated to no end. We would really love for those that we talk to and spend time with on the regular to see themselves as we seem them but that is not always be the case. I have come to understand those that I spend time to really observe to learn more about them. Body language will always be more true than what comes out of the mouth because as they say body language never lies! You can only hide so much mentally but eventually it will come out physically…people forget everything is connected! Once you learn about a person then there will be no surprises because you will know without any doubt what it truly is. I always keep in mind that those that have the ability to change will and those that think they cannot change are only disappointing their future self. Realize and embrace the fact that your future self is ready to be birth. During this time of maturation, certain things have to be dealt with on so many levels in order for that person to come about. Always be mindful that anything and everything should be done out of love, sincere compassion and humility aka make sure what you reap is what you sow…it goes both ways good and bad!
  6. Know when your being full of shit! When you get to the age where you call yourself out on your own stuff now that is maturity! You do not have to wait and see if someone is going to notice because your going to check ya damn self! There is nothing more freeing when you can look in the mirror and be like” yup I am so full of shit because of x, y and z…so how am I going to fix it?” When you truly love yourself then you will not let anything slide by you…only you can FIX YOU! Its nice to have those that are deemed worthy enough to know your inner most secrets but in the end only you can handle it properly. There is no escaping yourself or trying to hide what needs to be fix by occupying your mind in a friendship or relationship it does not help and it will still be there. Think about it: if you do not deal with past demons and uncomfortable situations that involved those types of “ships” then how can expect to have a healthy, loving and endearing true relationship when you do not know who you really are and the potential you have? No one on this planet can deny or stop growth in any form…IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION SO DEAL WITH IT! If someone discovers the secret formula by all means please let me know! To know yourself is to be brutually honest with yourself. You want to get to the next level? Then understand your flaunts and flaws, embrace them, fix them and move on. You can choose to fix it or to lay with it!
  7. Divine Timing is everything! They say timing is everything but I like to think that divine timing is different and I say that because it involves the Creator. There is man’s time and then there is God’s time. Our ego and pride actual holds on to time and never allows us to forget certain things or allow “live and let live”.  As humans we tend to start with ” remember that time”; ” what happen at the time”…did that trigger something? I bet it did! Ego and pride have to be let go in order to understand that divine timing is everything from the smallest to the largest things in life. With experience one will embrace ” it will happen when its meant to and no sooner.” God will give you something on His time and not yours. There are no coincidences in life because there is something meaningful in everything that is done in life and to life. You will know when things are right because not only will you feel it but God provides signs if your paying attention. Pay attention to the small details that happen. If you find yourself struggling repeatedly in a situation maybe it is because the method that you are using NO LONGER WORKS and you must find another way to solve that problem or be doomed to repeat it. Who wants to keep taking a test over and over again when God has already provided you the solution? Living in denial will hinder you greatly in passing that test. Every test in life is divinely given at different points to strengthen you and elevate you so you can help others. We are here to help each other and like I previously stated everything is connected!

So in the last 5 remaining days of January much has happened and to my delight for the better! When you learn to see and feel the good that comes why would you turn that away? Don’t be a fool and continue to be blinded by the mundane…your growth depends on your level of participation either way your going to grow!  *LiveLifePositive*


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