Orthodox Way of Life: Light of Truth

Your remembrance…your embrace,

A pure memorable feeling of your gentle face.

Countless times of luxurious wonders,

Wrapped in a spirit of my Father’s thunder.

A vision of your joyful past,

Will ring in my cathedral that I will broadcast to the mass.

Your life of light is effortless truly and deeply missed,

Like when my Father calls the sun to kiss heaven is seen with such bliss.

Never gone and forever present,

Helps to clear away those false ideals that are unpleasant,

Your life of light shows up like the best birthday present is so evident.

To smile at the mere thought of you,

Has added to my life the sweetest breakthrough.

To cry, to laugh and to start all over again,

Reminds daily of all the things you have done will never be in vain.

Your light of life still passionately burns,

For those that seek and yearn to learn,

The light to completely and totally,



And overturn.

Your life of light has aided on this path,

Missing the tender gift of your laugh.

I thank you for allowing me to adore you,

Sincerely a child of God with heaven in my view.

Copyright © 2016

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