Month of March: Duality


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Hello again and I wanted to touch base on something simple that I have come to have a better understanding of. As I will always state I am in no way an expert on this I am only an expert on myself. I can only share my experiences and the things that I have learned. You do not dim your own light but igniting another. It is all about elevating others and bringing awareness. It does not have to be complex or using over flowery words to get an idea across. As I always say “let’s keep it simple!” So this month has been more interesting than January and February because many things more good than bad has happened. I always tend take the negative and make it positive and see the lesson in it and apply so there are no repeats but I am not perfect ( perfection is an illusion anyway!) and I slip as well. So let’s drive in shall we and see how the water feels…

  1. Surrendering and Adapting. During this month I found myself always getting stuck between surrendering and then adapting to the new situations that would cross my path. Of course I would say why but then again what do you I need to learn from this? How will be be beneficial to my growth? I thought about and say well yea because if you are still growing you are still learning.  I found that being able to surrender-admit, yield, cease resistance allows certain things to come into play for the better. If I do not admit, yield and continue to fight resistance then I will not grown and learn what I need to elevate. Even in the word itself there is “end”; bringing an end to the mundane thoughts, feelings and actions that simply do no good in bringing out your full potential. I feel like that once you surrender the next phase is adapting. In adapting comes the need to adjust, alter and revamp the entire process that makes up you. Making certain changes no matter how small or big add up to the biggest victories a person can have in their life. In adapting one can pull out the word “dating”; in dating yourself you find what you like and do not like about yourself. You realize how much was given up in surrendering so you can embrace the adjustment you need to be better. 
  2. Seeing and Viewing. I really had to take a few steps back to see and view my situation and how I can make it better. Daily introspection is something I have come to do automatically and not wait for a specific time of the year to do it. So I reached quite a few conclusions on how to be a better me. When it comes to the comparison of these two words I figured that they would be one in the same but that is not the case. There is a difference between the two which makes it more interesting. It is really all the level of perception of the individual that would engage these words.  When you are actually seeing a situation that you are in make it your business to inspect it even further. Look for the clues in order to find a solution because they are always present. If you created the problem then you have the ability to solve it.  Moreover, in viewing a situation you had considered it or have already perceived what it truly is. Never let any situation get so out of control that you lack the ability to inspect it further and consider a solution.
  3. Feeling and Experiencing. I would often question what I was feeling against what I was experiencing but one thing that was consistent was one was requiring me to react and to think. I can only speak for myself but these two words are totally different. Yea I know a majority of the people will say “Aren’t they the same?” People say tomato differently but it does mean it loses its value in anyway. Both of these terms can stand alone on their own strength. Feeling is what it embodies showing emotion, sensitivity and therefore a level of understanding whereas experiencing is more of an encounter or to be faced by. They work collectively together but can be expressed individually. You can have an experience that may not hit on an emotional level depending on what it is because everyone is different. No matter what the situation you can decide if the feeling is something you need to gain in order to have a better understanding or is the experience required to undergo a change. That is something you ultimately  have to decide and there is no right or wrong it truly depends on you.
  4. Guidance. What kept coming up a lot for me this month was the constant reminder of having some guidance. It simply does not stop as you become an adult and fully into yourself…everyone needs positive guidance at some point. Your situation is not so bad that you cannot accept guidance on some type of level and where it comes from. Some of the best advice or guidance that I got came from something my 8 year old nephew said and it just stuck with me. To me guidance can come from just about anywhere if you know where to look. We get guidance in so many different forms but are we really paying attention…think on it for a second…I’ll wait!…….Ahaha see I got you thinking and that’s the whole point to understand and embrace the guidance that is there for you daily.
  5. Clarity. I have always associated when I gain clarity I also gain even more and another level of peace that I cannot describe. I use to struggle with receiving clarity because I felt like the issues and situations stood over me and I was not able to look over them but I changed my thinking. Instead of trying to go over why not try going thru them on because it is only going to make me stronger. I love that feeling after you have gain some clarity because its like waking up refreshed. Never take clarity for granted because some do not always gain it when it is really needed.
  6. Flexibility. I have really come to love the idea of being flexible in different things within this past month, sitting back and watching positive stuff happen because I put the positive feeling out there. However, I learned that its ok with not being ok and really learning from that. It is really ok with saying no to something and being ok with not having to explain myself. People will ever test your level of flexibility and you have to get to a point and say ” Am I over-extending myself?” and if you are ” How can I get back to me?” Whatever you have to learn….learn it then apply it and then be better. Know what your limits are when it comes to you especially in the involvement of assisting others.
  7. Strength. This month taught me a great deal what it means to have strength and when I need to use it. When I talk about strength it is never in the physical sense but in all the other aspects that you may not think about…hey I don’t think about it sometimes myself! Even thought I have either been in some pretty unusual situations I have always managed to come out of it and it wasn’t by myself ( Shout out to the Big Man upstairs…thanks for always looking out for my best interest!) Every trial and tribulation you go through you have to know that you are going to come out stronger and better. It is something I tell myself daily and in the end everything works out. Doubt truly is a muthasucka and you cannot afford to let it in or it will rob you blind. Stay strong everyone! 🙂



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