Happiness is a choice…

“So many people are running around, chasing happiness. They all think it’s just around the next corner, behind that next success-milestone.
But once they reach that corner, they immediately see an other one in front of them and so they keep running around the block for most of their lives. Circle after circle after circle.
Don’t get trapped in this cycle. Get out of the chasing mindset and start creating your own happiness. Realize that happiness is a state of being, a mindset.
Your happiness is dependent on how you and your mind deal with your external world. The things that are going on around you aren’t responsible for your happiness—you are.
Happiness is dependent on the quality of your thoughts. It’s your mind that creates the happiness. It comes through rewiring the brain for positivity, no matter the circumstances that take place in our lives.

So if you’re going through something hard right now, focus on the things in your life you are grateful for, no matter how small they may be.
Grateful people feel happier more often because they’re focused on their blessings. Being grateful is an excellent way to take charge of your emotions.
Reclaim your power. Don’t be controlled by outside circumstances. You decide how you want to feel every moment.”


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