Month of April: How Transparent Do You Want To Be?

You sometimes have to sit back and really look at who you surround yourself with and if they contribute to your growth process. I have always said if your still living then you are still learning. I am not an expert on anything except myself so I can only speak on what knowledge I have gained and how it has helped me to see the bigger picture in this thing called life. I had a very interesting and deep conversation with one of my close and dear friends and she sparked the concept of transparency.  It stayed so heavily on my mind it got me thinking about friendships,relationships etc. and how we crave certain things to be so clear. However, we have failed to realize exactly how transparent do we really wish to be? Are we willing to take that windex and really truly clean that window and see who we are, what we are meant to be and revealing to the one true person everything that we are without the fear of judgment coming in? In an overall sense of baring our nakedness of our souls and knowing confidently no matter what that person will still love, appreciate and respect you.

As me and my friend went further into the conversation a few other words came to mind which was silenceobserving and freedom. I find that once you have a deeper level of understanding of your role in all of this the better you are off mentally, spiritually etc. There is a certain level of beauty in silence. As children we did not like the silence because we were frighten of what was there and as we matured into adulthood we in some way carried that with us. I find that I can hear my true voice in my own silence and I can appreciate what is not being really said. There are always going to be times when we think that expressing ourselves verbally is going to help but what we do not recognize is that there is plenty that is said in silence. Interesting enough I use to be uncomfortable with the idea of sitting in silence because of how much my brain would be talking. I eventually turned to meditation not only to control my temper but to also reconnect and clear out the clutter. Silence allows you to expand in a whole different way but you can decide in what way you want to expand. There is so much that you can explore just within yourself if you take the time to enjoy your own silence. You cannot solve a chaotic problem with a clouded mind and that is where silence can really come in. It gives the opportunity for logic to come in and try its best to provide a solution but it depends really on the individual.  There is a transparency that is created when you decide to use silence as a method not only to understand what is going inside of you but outside as well. Silence can be a true friend and companion no matter what the situation is. Like the saying goes by Abraham Lincoln “better to to silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

Later on I had another conversation with another friend and one thing that kept coming up was observing and how mindful you have to be when you are watching. Not so much watching of others but really paying to attention to what you are doing and the changes you need to make. It reminds me of I Ching and what it means to truly observe. So much is brought to your awareness that you may have not noticed before. It really allows your spirit to step in and make the necessary changes.


“Observing, one has washed the hands but not made the offering; there is sincerity, which is reverent. EXPLANATION: Observing means alert observation, being careful. As for the qualities of the hexagram, above is Wind ☴, penetrating, and below is Earth ☷, receptive; it has the meaning of gradually progressing in accord with proper timing, advancing without impetuosity, with alert observation; therefore it is called observing.

This hexagram represents alert observation with clarity of mind. The achievement of attentive observation is all a matter of restoring the primordial while in the midst of the temporal, reversing the ordinary flow while in its very midst. When the yin in people is strong and the yang is weak, it is like the present hexagram’s four yins arising one after another while the two yangs gradually dissolve; the strength of yang energy is going to be erased by yin energy. Attentive observation with clarity of mind reverses this weak yang so that it is not injured by yin energy.

But people’s accumulated habits are already deep-seated. The yin energy cannot be made submissive all at once, so it is necessary to use gradual cultivation. This means that when the real comes the false naturally submits; if one can be truthful inwardly, then acquired influences will naturally disappear. Yang gradually advances upward, and yin submissively retreats downward. Yang governs yin and yin obeys yang; yin and yang in harmony, inside and outside are one. This is like when honoring a deity, when one has washed the hands but not yet made the offering, there is sincerity, which is reverent.

The path of cultivation of reality is like honoring a deity: first you make the mind sincere and truthful, then you practice it in the body. Spiritual clarity works silently, swift without being hasty, entering by sincerity, functioning with flexibility, penetrating the barrier between yin and yang, producing light in the openness within. From observation of the spirit reaching observation of the great, a black pearl hangs in the great void, illumining the whole world as though it were in your palm. Then every step is in accord with the sublime Tao; all yin submits and all yang returns.

So the path of alert observation, involving observing the spirit and also extensive observation, should never be departed from from start to finish by those who practice the Tao. It begins with acting, by extensive observation, and ends in non-action through spiritual observation. When spiritual observation and great observation are as one, the medicine is real, the firing process is in order; how could the gold elixir not develop? The function of observation is great indeed.”

With the idea or theory of silence and observing the only next interesting occurrence would be the freedom involved with both of them.  Its like once you reach that level you feel and think differently because a certain peace of freedom is even more felt and understood. This amount of freedom allows you become even more transparent because you have fully come to understand yourself and will not hide what you feel or be afraid of judgment by what you say. In order terms ” zero fcks were given!” And it is not like you do not care but your just at a place where bullshit cannot truly thrive or be actively spread. Sometimes you have to tell yourself that you can be happy, have peace and everything in between but you gotta put in the work to get that transparent feeling. I will always believe that it is a true blessing when you encounter an individual that is on the same frequency, vibe, level whatever you want to call it and how easy it feels to express your thoughts and they essentially allow you to be you! You have become so clear to each other that something beautiful can truly be birthed. Some are ready and able to be transparent and some are not. It solely depends where they are on their journey. Either way you view it your spirit is connected to all of this because it knows the way. So the question still remains: How transparent do you want to be? Always remember to Live Life Positive!!

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