Nothing in life is ever wasted…not energy,  time or even space because from the smallest to the largest lies within it a test.  A test of wills,  strength,  courage and wisdom etc.  It does not matter how long it takes or how your winding road was created.  All that matters is that you fully embrace the task that has been given to you and striving diligently to do your very best.  No tangible object will be ever given because  what you gain will cause your entire being to shift at the angle you were meant to be on in the first place.  So keep your head,  put your shoulder to the wheel, and take that first step… Leave the deepest impression in the earth so if you happen to look back you will be reminded of how you started.  Do everything with love,  a smile and a kind word.  It will add years to your life… Always remember to LIVE LIFE POSITIVE!  😘😘💗💗


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