Month of May: Are You Ready for Your New Beginning?

It is that time again good people where I just share a little bit of my experiences in order to light another’s flame to change. We all have certain individuals in our lives that really push us towards the potential that they are able to see that at times we are not able to see within ourselves. These last few months have been very informative and trans formative on all levels that I am still trying to catch up on everything. As I will always state that I am no expert on anything but myself and nothing that I share you are going to agree…your old enough to make up your own mind. I have always been fascinated by the different phases of the moon because they can be applied to many areas of our lives. So the moon phases in regards to a new beginning could be classified as lead way to a change you may need that you did not know you needed. I find that I use to have mixed feelings about new beginnings because with the positive comes the negative however I have learned not to embrace the negative aspect so much and allow myself to hope for the best. A change in that perspective opens up a number of endless possibilities.

  1. Start with change in your way of thinking! Everything starts in the mind and what we think become our actions right? Simple but even harder to do right? Why is that? Is it possible that we do not wish to have physical restraints so why do we put mental restraints on our self? We have been condition in such a way that we hinder ourselves from thinking positive manifestations to come forth. It is time that we push away old doubts and methods of thinking that do not serve a purpose in the new beginning we are seeking. I was like most people when I had difficulty making changes in my way of thinking and as I got older I started to realize that I only have control over certain things and once I identified those things then my life start to change. I started dwelling on the fact that I was able to wake up to see another day! Hell, that is way to change your thinking and then I started noticing the small victories I had and therefore started the chain of events to thinking more positive. You as well as myself we are still making progress everyday. As long as your still living you are still growing.
  2. Appreciate the small things life has to offer! Life throws so much at us each and everyday that we get so caught on the big things and allow the small pleasantries to easily slip thru the cracks. You have the power to seal up those cracks and start to really appreciate the little small gifts that life does offer. Many think that success will bring you happiness however that kind of happiness is temporary when you are suppose to reach for the long term happiness. Throughout the day it is always good to stop and dwell on the small things and watch how it can transform your day and make it better. Remember it is all about small victories!
  3. Having open communication with yourself often! I think it is hilarious is when people say it is ok to talk to yourself just as long as you do not answer your self back. However, my question is why not? You are the only expert on you therefore you will eventually have the answer to solving whatever problem that may come up. You are the solution to your own problem…let that sink in for a bit! The universe has already provided you with the answer and all you have to do is look inward. I came across this article called “People Who Talk To Themselves Aren’t Crazy, They’re Actually Geniuses” by Gigi Engle.
    1. Talking to yourself makes your brain work more efficiently.
    2. Talking out loud to yourself helps you only when you know what you need.
    3. You learn as a child by talking to yourself.
    4. Talking to yourself helps you organize your thoughts.
    5. Talking to yourself helps you achieve your goals.
  4. Tune out the nonsense and Tune in to what is real! They say intimation is the best form of flattery bur what do you know when you are no longer interested in those fake things and you begin to see the realness. You realize later how much nonsense you were around and how you let it infiltrate in your daily walk thru life. Then you begin the process of cleaning house and you know that includes everything…cell phone, email, text, unfollowing people on Instagram and unfriending or maybe even blocking people from Facebook.  Trust me I know because it is something that we all have been thru because what come to realize what is really good and what is really bad for us. Once you start to tune in to what is real then the mundane stuff that you just to find entertaining no longer can hold a candle to the room you are making in your new beginning. Just like the phases of the moon there comes a time in different points in your life where adjustments need to be made but it is really up to us where exactly. We are not going to always know and sometimes we actually do. No one knows your life like you do so pay attention to you sometimes and make the change!
  5. Last but not least….make the decision for yourself that you are worthy of a new beginning! God grants us the ability to change especially when you ask and pray for His assistance. Need some clarity pray for discernment, have a problem pray for a solution and sometimes it is a lot closer than you think and another thing always remain humble because your new beginning will bring some extraordinary things in your life that your humbleness will be needed!

Remember to Live Life Positive 🙂



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