Came across this very interesting article that really hit home. People make the fatal mistake of calling others lazy because they fail to comprehend and take the time to truly understand what the person is going thru. No one has the right to judge anyone and their situation. Just because someone may not move or do things as fast as you does not make them lazy. Everyone does things at different rates. People need to learn how to stay in their lane and focus on the internal issues and fix them and not project them on family,friends, etc. So enjoy this article , learn it and apply it!

1. There is NO such thing as a ‘lazy person’. 
  In fact according to http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/lazy this is how lazy is defined.
• not liking to work hard or to be active
• not having much activity 
• disinclined to activity or exertion: not energetic or vigorous 
• moving slowly: sluggish “

2. These definitions are characteristic of a lot of people; that does NOT make them lazy.

3. Most importantly, these definitions are also a symptom of someone who is not feeling well, either physically or mentally.

4. Calling someone lazy implies that they are intentionally moving slowly or not working as hard as YOU feel they should.

5. Calling someone lazy destroys their self-esteem. Let me repeat. Calling someone lazydestroys their self-esteem.

6. Calling someone lazy implies they have choices over how fast or slow they move or whether or not they can or cannot participate in an activity and that just is not true.

7. Calling someone lazy ignores their natural demeanor. Some people do not like to move fast, be around a lot of people, or participate in activities;  that does not make them lazy.

8. Calling someone lazy means YOU fail to realize that they may have mental health challenges.

9. Calling someone lazy means YOU fail to acknowledge that there is a legitimate reason why this person is not meeting YOURexpectations.

10. We all at some time or another fall under any of these definitions. Think about it. When you have a flu or are not feeling well physically or mentally, what do you feel like doing?  How fast do you move?

I would like to propose that we stop using the word lazy. The next time someone is not meeting your expectations ask yourself why? Why does this person move slowly, seem unmotivated, or not like to work hard?

Who decides the definition of working hard anyway? Ask yourself, “Is this about me or is this about them?” People do not have to live up to our standards. Respecting differences, uniqueness, and challenges, helps us realize that none of us are any more or less than the other.

As an Educator I can tell you that I have seen many students that people would have called lazy. Each and every one of them had a story to tell or a challenge to discover. If we work with students, we come to understand that if someone is not getting their work done, there is a reason why. Laziness is not the reason, and certainly not what some call ‘the excuse’.

Students are worth it, so try to help them figure out what is going on. There is no greater pleasure for me as an Educator than helping students succeed, especially if they haven’t in the past, and are appearing what some might call ‘lazy’. I learn a lot from my students.  I have learned that what appears as laziness is a symptom of some greater challenge unknown to me and sometimes unknown to the student.   

We need to accept that we are not all alike and recognize that we have no right to call a person LAZY.

In Community Spirit,

Sheila Trask


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