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I can only speak for myself but the Month of May brought many things to surface both good and bad but overall it is always good for growth and development on different levels. The goal is to always try to better yourself so you can be a better human in a sense.  I sometimes think that some people lose sight of that due to the fact that life can be so giving and also take so much from you. However, you have to not only to be thankful for the beginning and the end but also whatever happens in between. There are always going to be those times when you want to focus on the larger parts and overlook the small but you cannot because they are just as important to the whole in order to function as the “whole”. You get what I am saying? Anyway, I am finding out in the early stages of this new month and new beginnings occurring every single day it leads up to the interesting aspect of rediscovering yourself. People think that they know themselves pretty well and you will be surprised at how many do not. Think about it: you meet someone brand-spankin new and the first question is “tell me about yourself?” We have all done it and that is draw a complete blank and get the “I am stuck” look on our face! I am as guilty as everyone else that is reading this..yes you too…you are not exempt from the struggle bus so hop aboard!

One thing that I have come to really appreciate is when you get a chance to view yourself in another perspective and re-evaluate what you thought were your wants, needs and desires you really begin to truly “see”.  All three of those words are but they bring with some heavy thinking behind them. We as humans always like to have some kind of plan in action and then set out to execute it the best way we can. We go into it with the best intentions and different strategies to make sure everything goes to plan but do not always leave room for the unexpected things that life will throw at us. We will get off or fall off course for a little while but somehow always manage to work it out.  There has been a few things that came across my mind during this process of not only rediscovering myself but how I can shine a light in order to help others. So here we go:

  1. Allow yourself the time to process any sadness you may feel– with the whole rediscovery of yourself, you will have times where you reflect on the things you did  and did not do, how to make those changes for improvements and what you failed at. Most people it is painful to look at their failures because it is a goal that was conceived but never fully manifested. There are a number of times where that is going to happen but you have to remember and take away the lesson and grow. From this a certain sadness comes into play and instead of ignoring it the best thing that I learned was to embrace it and try to understand it. Yea it does not feel good and you would rather just fake it like your happy and go about your business but that is something hard to do because it does linger until you address it. So give yourself the time to process what you feel, work out all the emotions behind it and then to move forward.
  2. There are no quick fixes in the evolutionary change that is happening!  Just like there are no get-rich-quick-schemes there are no quick fixes to the long-term change happening within you. Once you understand this it will change not only your perspective but how to execute some sort of working plan. Once again you cannot skip the struggle that is occurring in your life at this point. Think about it: we are at the 1/2 point in 2016 and what obstacles have you come across that you are battling thru? I can only speak for myself when I say that the first 6 months of 2016 has been one of the hardest I have ever experienced. So I change my way of thinking to ” how can I make the remaining of 2016 better than ever before?”  With this it formulates a working plan that allows for changes as life happens. Quick fixes do not require a plan of execution but long term goals do.
  3. Learning to still love yourself when you are not liking yourself! As human beings and creatures forever being dynamic with epic changes we are not going to always like ourselves based off the decisions, actions and reactions that life is going to bring us. It is ok not to like yourself here and there but always dig deep and remember why you love yourself as much as you should.  We all have our own ideals of perfection and how things “should go” but we have to realize how much we do not have control over some things. We will and always be our own worst critics because we already know exactly what we are capable of and the potential that can be reached. You are going to disappoint yourself in different situations but always remember to love yourself even more in what happens now and in the future. Embrace what you do not like about yourself, learn and understand it and then proceed to love the F*** out of yourself!
  4. Discover what no longer works for you! There comes a time and point when we look at the things we need, want and desire the most. However, this time a closer in-depth look is required to rid yourself of the things that no longer service a significant purpose. Nothing is ever by coincidence and there is a lesson for any particular situation you may find yourself in. Any change whether it is small or large…is still valuable in the treasure that is you. It is just like when you evaluate a relationship- what you will or will not tolerate, the list can be short or long just like a pros and cons list. In doing that you begin to really see where you need to cut your losses and where you need to gain momentum.
  5. Embrace your Transition! It is never easy to accept the fact things are going to change every minute of every second of everyday especially since you “think” you got a really good grip on something. What is even more difficult is when you feel that something major is going to change and you cannot do anything to prepare for it. Well I am here to tell you whether or not the transition is good or bad embrace whatever the hell it is going to be. We cannot always be prepared for every little thing…so you should just gear up for whatever comes your way. The operative word in transition is the word “sit”! I like to think that when I am transitioning and I take a moment I was feel the need to sit in order to kind of “ground” my thoughts so I can easily process them. I know some people will pace back and forth…everyone is different and left to their own methods of working thru their transition which is great! Do not let anyone tell you your methods cannot work for you…they are yours anyway. Just remember to breath, accept and digest the phase that you are going thru because you never know what wonder person is staying behind the door.
  6. Remember what is important but do not leave yourself out of the equation! I’ll say this with Neptune going retrograde during this month it brings up many different aspects of yourself and what you need to focus on.  Make sure that you do not create any boundaries for yourself but you do not want to make any limits. This is the time to focus in on what is truly important to you it can be work related or even a new relationship that you are not sure about. All I can say is remember what you deserve, desire, need and want. In this case those words can be used for this particular situation because it is now about you getting all the good that is ready for you to embrace into your life. Whatever you were afraid of doing…no more hesitation…it is time for you to get what you truly crave! One thing is for certain you cannot ignore the truth that is being revealed to you inside nor outside. It’s time to embrace it and style it like a hat! You have to remember how much you got this and you are in control of what things really mean to you so why do not give it your all? You have nothing to lose but to elevate right? Let think sink in a bit!
  7. Get rid of your fear that has been holding you back!  OK so I am going to say it…..Get RID OF THAT FEAR AND STEP INTO YOUR GREATNESS! Oh goodness…fear will keep you from the most beautiful and fantastic aspects of your life hidden from you. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest and nothing should ever get in your way. Yes we are adults and there are many things that command our attention but every now and then you have to remember that you have to enjoy any bit of happiness and love that life has to offer. Life can be extraordinary with the right person in your life but it is up to you to take that step towards that person, grab their hand and say “let’s go on an adventure!” Yup you deserve the truest form of happiness minus all the damn fear…so my only question is…how bad do you want to be fear of the fear?


Always remember to live life positive and go forward boldly…only you can stop you!


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