A Little Too Late

I tried to imagine what it could of been,
The type of happiness that would of been greater than the sweetest sin.
I chuckle at the mere thought of you,
Sadly you just up and disappointed me turning my sunshine to a midnight shade of blue.
I think about the things that could  of been created,
But you changed the plan which left me so sedated.
Too afraid to let me close or even in,
But I stood at the door and knocked hoping you would let me in and let us learn to bend,
Together to understand what was truly keeping us apart,
But your ego and pride did not let us even get a start.
Angry, frustrated and everything else in between,
Dont you want start something so fresh and so clean?
I guess not…so here comes the hard part,
It is a little too late for us to create a “little” piece of our own beautiful art.
Maybe somewhere down the road you got lost,
So focused on becoming a boss.
Life is just passing you by not even a thought of your present time,
So much on your plate and trying desperately to combine,
You need to find balance maybe that’s your sign.
To rethink, recalculate and refocus,
Because you are doing the utmost.
Always admire you for your tenacity and ambition,
But you forgot what your life’s mission.
That’s something I cannot show or even begin to tell you,
Because you ask not then you have not here is your other clue.
Always concern for your well being and yet never bother to be concerned about mine,
At the rate your going our lives will never intertwine.
To say that I tried will forever be the understatement of year,
Because you failed to listen to what I was trying to appeal.
I was pretty sure you heard me when you last saw me,
Yet again I was wrong so I decided to let you be.
I thought it would be so simple,
But you made it so difficult like a ridiculous pimple.
You gave me nothing to work with and always stuck in a routine,
You came off scared, hesitate, aloof, and for a minute I thought you were going come clean.
You left me with more questions then answers,
What did you think I was going to do sir?
Sit and wait until you figured it out,
I am Queen with all the clarity and never any doubt.
Now you tell me what you are really about??
You said all the right things and appeared to be right,
Now all  I see is a little boy ready to escape on his little bike.
A little too late…
Now your hungry and want to eat off my plate.
I am sorry it is not going happen  not now or later,
You have mistaken me to be someone that is less greater.
A little too late you have completely missed the feeling,
I am just going to pray for you and hope you find what it means to live life to its truest meaning.

Copyright © 2016


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