White Carnival



Deafening silence of a peculiar nature,

I am completely surrounded by total strangers,

My blood begins to boil and rage in anger.

All I see is red,

If you come at me I’ll rip you to shreds.

“Let me out of here!” I begin to scream,

The masked nurse yells ” calm down you sadistic feen!”

“Why am I here…can you make it crystal clear?”

No answer, no response…

I feel like a pawn in my my circumstance is so nonchalant.

Surrounded by many obscene obscurities,

Hard to make out…where are the insecure authorities?

White Carnival…

Porcelain and malignant personalities covered in falsehood of seeking to be pretentious,

No sense of common or even conscientious,

Dancing around with a sickening sense of perfection.

To what is really going on,

No longer will I even feel like I suddenly belong.

Not for you and not even for them,

So what makes you think you can condemn,

Any part of me because I do not fit into this world of mayhem.

White Carnival…

You are corrupt in every inch of your particle,

Rethink, realign…

Who knew you were part canine?

All bark and the absent of a bite,

Do yourself a favor and go fly a kite!

Completely over this idealist revolution of non-action on your part,

Starting to think do you even have a heart?

Where did you lose it is where you need to start.

I cannot help you nor do I want to,

It’s all you that you must get a clue.

White Carnival…

Uncompromising and the lack thereof so unworkable,

You will always remain the pinnacle of unsearchable.


Copyright © 2016





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