Month of July (Part Two): Closing Doors To The Past

Lately what I have decided to do is my posts in the beginning of the month and then take the rest of the time to process and see how the remainder of it would go. Now like I have always stated I am not expert on anybody’s life except my own. I do not in any shape, form or fashion try to tell people how to live their life and how to make it better. I clearly go off on my own experiences in a sense my own “testimony”. Some may find it helpful that’s great if not that is fine as well. These days people are going through enough stuff that it is certainly keeping them busy but as for me I refuse to have all these thoughts clogged in my head so I write and paint!  We all need some type of healthy outlet to release whatever it is that we are going through and with the events that are playing out in front of our very eyes…its a lot! July has been of month of great changes, many shifts and seeing the different perspectives of myself as well as others. I have a new appreciation for those that recognize where they feel stuck and going about making the changes in order to step forward.

In my last post titled Month of July: How Would You Use 30 Days  To Break Your Old Habits? exposed in a lot of different ways changes within. It just made sense that the last post and this new post work together. In breaking old habits it leads you to close doors of the past. I was watching a certain astrologer named David Lawrence Palmer aka The Leo King ( you can find him on Youtube…check him out he is ridiculously accurate and real!) and he hit upon several different things that really hit me hard and made me take a closer look at what has happened over the last four years. I will tell you this what has happened to me should of broken me completely and my heart should be in a corner saying ” please leave me alone!” But there is proof that it did not break me but changed me into what I am today and I am still working on becoming.  It helped me to finally let go of someone that yes I grew up with and had a very strong childhood bond with but at this given point there is no room for me in his life and its best that I moved on so that is exactly what I did. When there is no communication=no action and therefore no moving forward. Then it is time to re-evaluate what is truly important in my life, your life etc. I was ok with giving up because I tried in more ways than one when the other party was not. A tough pill to swallow but I gave more than enough chances and time was up. In closing that door it opened another one that I was not expecting and giving it a try and allowing someone so much more deserving in. This person has become more than I ever dreamed of and what is amazing is the connection, communication and a higher level of respect for one another.

I know it is difficult for some to close that door to the past in any situation whether it be personal or professional it does not make a difference…the shit is hard! You could see all the good in it but good was not coming as it should and left more questions than answers. You really have to take a step back from everything and truly remember the things that you deserve and what God wants you to have. There are blessings waiting for you but it is up to you to decide how quickly you want the blessings to flow.  No obstacle is so great that you cannot overcome! It is like you have to look in the mirror and say “(insert your name here) how bad do you want it?” You really have to get to the point of wanting more for yourself than what you are currently doing. Are you living life or is life living you?  that is one question I ask myself sometimes. Interesting enough the words fate and home have been repeating everyday that since I have been observing more. Mr. Palmer stated in his video about getting back to center or going back to your core in sense going home or going back to you. This return to self has been a journey many of us are currently going through and with no end in sight because life is a never ending journey.

Last but not least I will say this: reflect on the past, understand the lessons you had to learn and the people involved but what for ever reason do not stay there and do not let your past decide how happy you are going to be in the present moment heading to the future. Burn things from your past and move boldly to your new beginnings! #LiveLifePositive


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