I always knew you would come around,

Sitting at my table waiting for your next round.

You expect me to serve you on the latest dish that I do,

Did you even stop and think “why couldn’t I just follow through?”

Broken promises and numerous disappointments,

In the end you do not have enough ointment,

I guess you wanted me to make an appointment?

I sit back and watch you from afar as you always do me,

Never truly spoken on how life could be.

Shy, hesitate and overthinking consumes your mind,

Leaving you stuck, losing sleep because your addicted to the grind,

Clearly showing you only have a one-track mind.

Look at you wondering where I am,

Honestly I want you to leave my table..get out of here….now scram!

Go to another table that will serve you anything you wish,

You won’t get my attention because you are so selfish.

With you time, your space…

I swear you need medical help you proved to be a nut case.

No longer your waitress,

I am focusing on me and wait for rest,

I am  leaving you sitting there so you can guess,

So many things you fell to address.

Throwing away my apron,

Realizing how much I went thru to finally waken,

I can classify you as so jaded…stirred and not shaken.

I am out the door completely gone from your sight,

Off to get my blessing and take it to the next height,

Without you ever coming to terms on your missed flight,

Don’t ever worry about me because I am already alright.

Copyright © 2016





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