Month of August: Embrace Your Come Up!


Wow hard to believe that it is already August and there is only 4 months left in 2016…where has the time gone and how have you used it? No really…sit back and think about it for a few minutes!! What fears have you conquered? What goals did you set out to accomplish? Did you remind yourself and allow yourself to love and be loved in return unconditionally? Did you let go of somethings that you knew was holding you back and pick up something new to enhance your life? Did you wake up feeling grateful that you have one more day to get it right? Did you give yourself time to heal from the toxic friendship or relationship that you “thought” you needed? Did you take the time to apologize to someone for whatever you did or didn’t do? Are you still striving to get right with God? and the most important question is: Have you forgiven yourself so you can reap the benefits and the blessings that are already set for you? At some point and time during the last 8 months you have gotten tired of being really sick and tired of somethings going your way and then exiting stage left?  I know…have gone through it more times than I count and now in this month things are shifting in your and my favor. Like I have said in everything I have posted…I am only an expert on me and not you so if you find that what I say applies to you great if not then share because it can help someone out!

So now to the meat and potatoes…embracing your come up…yea it is about getting rid of EVERYTHING that was holding you back and CLAIMING what has always been yours! With life’s many distractions certain veils will try and cover you whole in order to keep you from what is rightfully yours aka your blessings and the truth. Your come up is embracing the power you already have in you, claiming that blessing and using it for your betterment as well as others. The come up is what most other people are not able to see in others because it is not meant for some to see it yet.  The “come up” is something that you have an idea about but not fully aware of how large it is and the impact it is going have on you as well as others you come in contact with. In many cases and from my own experiences, the come up exposes those that have always been down for you and well those that do not ever want to see you well..come up! Everyone’s road is different therefore their come up will be special to them. There will be some who are not able to believe in your come up because they haven’t realized that theirs is coming. Maybe not today or tomorrow but trust and believe it is coming so get ready for it!

 You will know when your come up is close by because certain things will begin to fall into place . One thing I have learned over time is that to remember that you do not really have control over anything. However, there are some things you will be able control and that’s when you realize what you can truly do. There is so much freedom when you realize that you do not have control over things that are outside of you. It is normal that in the beginning to feel the need to control but that lessens over time and you have a different level of appreciation for what you cannot control. Something else will also be triggered the more things change: you will naturally begin to reflect on the past and how you got to this point.  You realize that everything had to happen in order that it did  for the growth within you to come about.

So there isn’t much more say or to figure out because you are on your way but just stay open and receptive to receive it the way it is going to come. #LiveLifePositive


2 thoughts on “Month of August: Embrace Your Come Up!

  1. Beautifully written. Just perfect for this time. This so resonates with me as I am sure it will with others on the rise. Thank you Goddess ❤

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