Month of September: Realizing Your Newness Is Here


Take a moment and really take a look at how much had to be sacrificed in order for that newness of change to come about. On different occasions you have to look at sacrifices as both good and bad but it really depends on how you want to view it. I can only speak for myself when I say that over the past few months I am able to count of how many bad experiences I have had but in this brand new month is the time for me to start embracing and realizing that everything is, was and has changed therefore feeling like a new person. It is hard to cut losses and even to cut people off that you never dreamed that you would lose but with every loss we gain something so much more. As I have always stated in the beginning of my blogs that I am in no way an expert on anyone’s life except mine. My fervent prayer is that I am able to help someone and inspire them to want to do better in any area of their life. One of my many mottos that I like to say is “ as long as you are still living you are still learning.” There is no expiration date on how much learning one can achieve. Stay pushing and changing the social norm because normal is seriously overrated!

So those of you that follow mercury retrograde…you already know that it reveals the things that you do not want to face times like 50! Everything coming to surface and of course we cannot forget how communication is and how technology will at times fail miserably! There are several people that I follow and the one consistent thing I keep coming across is how much different this month and this retrograde is different. Not just in being a brand new month but this overwhelming feeling of positivity that is flowing. At this time and point is all about making room for this newness to really take affect in a very uplifting and beautiful way! There is no room to be afraid of what is coming down the road but knowing it is about to change your life completely. Some often say how they would like a “easy button” or “ if I could change something…” well guess what you may not be able to hit reset on different parts of your life but you can doing something small that will equal to a much larger change in your life right now. You have to ask yourself “ how bad do I truly want it?” There is a big difference between needing change and wanting change and people sometimes fail to miss the connection. A newness is required of you every time a situation or event takes place and you overcome that. You cannot embrace something new if you keep reliving and holding on to past regrets.

Another word that I have come across in my reading and researching is the fate. I never did believe in coincidences and I am a firm believer that what is meant for you no matter how long it takes will always be for you regardless. I think that the illusion that we call time puts stress on the fact of when things are going to happen or suppose to happen and it sets the stage for disappointment in one way or the other. I have learned to truly let go and let things take their natural course because fate is ultimately going make the decision  whether we want to or not. If we decide to face it and then being able to fully understand it in it’s on respectable capacity the better off we will be. We have to realize how and when we can quickly grow out of something that is not truly for us and make room for something even more beautiful that will richly enhance your mind, body and spirit. I was always taught that you must have a certain level of balance and if one thing is off then everything else is. What is not fully explored is how difficult it can be to “get back on track” and discover that newness that awaits us all. So what I am saying is never be afraid to step into the newness that awaits you…could be the most ground shaking experience you will ever have in your life; and its time to demolish that place called your comfort zone. Remember to LiveLifePositive ❤❤❤


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