Month of October: Would your leaves fail to fall or fall into something more?


My apologies for the lateness of my monthly article life just happens but I do hope you enjoy!

Interesting how now that Summer is over and we go into the Fall with the number of changes that have happened not just in season but over the last couple of months. This transformative stage that many of us find ourselves in and kind of wondering in that back of our minds “ what does the last few months hold for 2016?” Some view change in a very negative and experience it on the physical, emotional, and physical  but I have chosen to look at it more at a spiritual level. As the last few months caused either a shift or rifted in what you believe? Think about the difference and the significance of those two words: a shift where a slight change in position, direction or tendency whereas rifted is best described as a crack, split, or break in something. Which would you determine has more power and is a better ideal for you? That is a little food for thought that goes right along with this topic for October. Now as I have always stated I am in no way an expert on anyone except myself. I can only share my experiences in hopes to aid or even guide someone to do better and be better because when one goes up we all go up!

So to get to the bottom of this month’s top: Would your leaves fail to fall or fall into something more? My apologies on getting this out late as it happens life got very interesting. As I sat back and looked over the last 3 years the month of October always seem to be in the midst of catalyst for much change. I really cannot say that of others but for me it was either falling in place or failing in place. I was not sure how to take this month so I did my best to prepare for any sudden changes…well to say the least it did not disappoint in the least. I am starting to think that this month and me are always going to have a love/hate relationship because of the huge things that have taken place.

On another note, the leaves failing to fall is something I wanted to look closer at because at some time and we have all done it when we have tried to stop something from happening or changing in order to predict our own outcome. When you and I realize that certain things we do not have control over things will occur naturally. The leaves failing to fall can be described as trying to delay a fall that is meant to happen. Some leaves fall sooner or later but each has its own timestamp of when it is going to happen. To fail to fall from my perspective is trying to keep a certain sight of light from coming through and revealing what is needed to be seen. A change in color, direction, purpose etc. these things can be seen as leaves and trying to stop them from falling does not do you or me any justice. To fail to is apart of life and it’s like the saying “ no matter how many times you fall just make sure you get back up” the same can be said about failing “ no matter how many times you fail always take what you learned, apply and get back it and go harder.” When the leaves fail to fall then there is a missed opportunity for something else to eventually grown in it’s place. It is ok to fail but fail in a way that makes you want to try even harder. Encourage yourself and find new ways to inspire yourself to try again. No one says you cannot try again. Do not limit yourself on the things you know you can do.

On the flipside of that the leaves fail to fall but more so fall into something more? This one had me really thinking when it came to mind. Anytime I think of ‘something more’ it comes in either a  positive way depending on the feeling I get it. When you are optimistic you tend to lean more heavily on the positive side and not dwell on the negative but of course there has to be a sense of balance as nature is balanced. Falling into something more should be a sense of hope and new discovery to the parts of you that you did not know existed. The old me was very much afraid of change but simply enough change occurs everyday without us knowing from a small scale to a large scale. We do not have control over change  but it certainly changes for the better or worse. Best thing that I can suggest for anyone including myself: go more with the flow and allow the something more to come and reside inside.  Things need to fall in place in order to make room for the things you need the most in life. You cannot force something that was not meant to be and even in that is one of the hardest lessons to learn acceptance. #livelifepositive


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