Month of November: Birth of the Rewind


Now that October is over and we have moved into November and closer to closing out 2016 which I know many of us are looking forward to. This year has had just as many ups as well as downs and now the time is coming to clear out the old and to fully embrace the new that is coming very soon. The topic for this month is a very interesting one because birth of the rewind: a chance to look back and see what changes were needed to be made and see changes that are taking place on everyday. The past could be as close as yesterday and as far as almost three years ago. Going into this period of the holidays, traditions and cherished memories do not forget to look at yourself too! As I have always stated I am not way an expert just an expert on me. Now we have the perfect or as close to perfect the opportunity to rewind on a few things but to gain a better sense of self. As long as we are still living we are still growing and there is nothing wrong with fine tuning just a few things or maybe many things….that is completely up to YOU!

When I think about rewinding I always go back to the old school tape recorder or VCR because it always made a certain noise when it was either playing, stop, pause, fast forward and of course rewind! The constant clicking always gave you an idea what was what and even had colors green and red. Those of us that remember owning a VCR if we did not rewind back far enough we would stop the movie, rewind and then hit play again or some of us would just leave the movie on and rewind to the part we wanted ( my dad use to hate when I did that!) To get to the point, birth of rewind is something that occurs when we do not have control and learn to see what is being revealed to us at the time and accepting the fact that something can be change now to ensure something better down the road. In this birth it is a natural state where control does not exist on any terms and letting things flow as they should. To break it down further let’s talk about stop, play, pause and fast forward in a different perspective.  We all get to a point where things become considerably overwhelming and we just have to hit stop. The great thing is the ability to stop and think about your current situation: is it helping you in getting to where you desire to be? Is it healthy? And how realistic are you being with yourself? Next thing is when to know to hit play. It is never a good idea to hit play when you are not ready so be patient and wait. When you delay your own process you stop the natural ability to let things occur. Another thing to view is knowing how to hit pause. When things look and feel considerably overwhelming then by all means hit the pause and observe where your mindset is and the behavioral patterns that have taken shape. Learn from that and proceed to move forward.

Now when it comes to going fast forward I would see it as look before you move too quickly because you may miss something important. Take the time to really appreciate and digest what you are about to do because everything you do or say is critical because you are shaping your outcome. Whatever you put out in the universe it is going to work to make that happen for you. So in your birth of the rewind, look at what did not work before and making the necessary moves to do better. Become more conscious of familiar patterns, change them and move into your new you. The rewind does not have to always be negative but can viewed in a positive because you are no longer your mistakes from the past. #livelifepositive ❤❤❤❤


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