Month of December: The Wake Up in the Wrap Up


Well here it is…finally the last month of 2016! I do not know about you but I have started the count down not just the end of the year but the doorway to many new and positive changes. This year has taught me more about people, places and the things I put my faith in and what happens when I forget where my faith lies and how things can change rapidly. I have a better understanding of what fear can do and how to make it work for me. I have also gained more wisdom when it comes to handling disappointment. Even in something negative there is something positive that is gained and of course a valuable lesson. Many times during this year I had a major wake up in the end of situation and experience in waking up there are different levels in the wrap up. As we all know every situation that we go through whether it is the same or not is going to teach us something until we pass the lesson and move forward. However, some never t get to experience a true wake up because they are still letting certain things keep them asleep. Whether it is a relationship or friendship at some point in time you either get tired of things being one-sided and work towards a solution or you take it for what it truly is and go on a different path. Your wake up isn’t always about emotions but living in your own truth and becoming the person you are meant to be. I sat back and really thought about the four things that can could embody what it means to define the wake up in the wrap up.

1. Clarity of Emotions– I have found it is best the shuffle through your emotions and observe each one that you are having and why you are having it( a close friend pointed this out and it has been helpful ever since). Ask yourself: what has changed so much that is causing me to feel this way? How do I get back to me? What do I have to remove in order to gain something more abundant? Sometimes we allow our emotions to get the best of us when we really need to look at the logical part of the emotion and then decide how long you want to dwell there. Do not become a prisoner to the magnitude of your emotions. You have more control in how and what you are feeling. Observe and learn so you can pass the lesson that is being presented to you. Once you gain clarity you will discover another level of freedom.

2. Acceptance– We have all struggled with acceptance in any situation because we want the good after experiencing  the bad. In the wake up we have to accept what is going on in us as well as inside of us. Gain the knowledge that it is what it is without being angry or upset with ourselves and know everything works out in the end. The truth is never pretty or even package in the way we want it but it comes exactly as we need it to be.

3. Gratitude– during the times of the wake up in the midst of the wrap up be thankful for the experience in order for change and growth to happen. Yes it is going to be hard but understand that when you open the door of gratitude more abundance of positive things come in. You do yourself no justice resisting what is already meant for you. You block those things that are good for you because you are too busy looking at the negative. The negative is there for a purpose and for to realize good things can come if you want it to…it is called free will.

4. Moving Forward– in taking that next step to a new you and the experiences to follow you must first embrace where you are headed. I have been taught to claim the victory because God has already given it to me. Moving on is never hard no matter what the situation is but in the end we all deserve the highest form of love and happiness. True happiness can never be truly delayed it only depends on you. RICH- realizing I create happiness…it all starts with you and what changes you needed to make to get there.

The wake up process is something that should be cherished because it helps you discover your true-ness. It is uncomfortable because you are doing away with those things that do not serve your higher purpose and to alleviate you of what pains you the most in a physical sense. The wrap up is exactly what it means….wrap it up so you can move forward to what makes you truly happy! #LiveLifePositive ❤


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