Latin Love

Created by: Shekhar Ballari

Created by: Shekhar Ballari

Sensually sensing and teasingly tasteful,
that singular image of you so clearly in my mind.
Thoughts of you increasing,
as all my logic continues on decreasing.
So captivating you are, a genius you must be.
Passion becomes you, you are the passion,
constantly dripping from your pores.
Sugary sweet and delightfully delicious,
a creation of pure sugar cane so unbelievably conceivable.
Trickery and mysterious in a exciting fashion,
Stirs my emotions in a dramatic attraction,
Slowly bringing me down to a fraction.
To good to feel unreal,
smells like a twelve course meal.
Stepping back taking you all in,
Is this where my love begins or is it a means to an end?
Hearing you speak in my dream,
Drowning in your voice,
Leaving my world and entering yours,
A territory unknown and a journey that I must know.
Creeping anxiety crawling slowly up my spine,
You pulling me close as our fingers intertwine.
Your warmth eases my fear as you touch the very side of my ear.
A calm composure and a slight grin,
Wanting to know what is held deep within.
Your intentions are many, you have control over my attention.
A scene unfolding and evolving,
Soft tango music playing in the distance,
the slow upbeat kind that runs a line in your mind.
Makes you move in a seductive way,
as our hips sway.
Drawing me even closer to you,
Honestly can not help myself.
Moving to your rhythm,
Never wanting to escape this prison.
Placing my hand gently to your chest,
feeling the music through you,
becoming one entity entirely.
Your presence is astounding and my heart ever pounding.
This overwhelming sensation,
coursing though my body with no hesitation,
Distractions from my true mission.
Whispering softly and ever so lightly…Te quiero mucho.
My senses in an uproar,
seeking to equal the score.
To you I implore,
So much more of you I want to explore,
A glare from your trusting eyes,
Tells me even more,
A simple kiss and I am forever yours.

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2013


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