Lost Cause

Countless and exceedingly numberless times I defended you,
Opposing forces wanting too hurt you until you were black and blue.
I am not sure if I still have the fight in me,
Maybe let it all go, walk away and just let it be.
You make it so seemingly easy to disappear completely unmissed,
All that’s left behind is a memory of a kiss.
I use to find though so attractive with so much appeal,
Now I look at you different and vomit silently to conceal.
The wasted time…second, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and yes even years,
Can you hear what I am saying in your always clotted ears?
You hear what you want,
Ego bigger than the bible’s font,
Way too full of yourself to realize,
You uncivilized, playing make believe, a damn debutante.
Too much damage to be undone,
A race you could of easily won,
If you didn’t retreat to your mind and turn into a nun.
A lost cause…an unhopeful event,
You cannot keep it real not even 100%!
So gone I am leaving there is nothing left to prove,
Therefore you are permanently removed,
From my sight and my presence,
Not one drop you shall ever get of my divine essence.
You don’t deserve it, you wrecked it only for yourself and no one else,
You need you ass beat with many belts,
I hope you remember the pain from…every…single…welt.
My level of frustration had reached a new height,
Your disdain for not feeling is not fair and fucking not even right.
How can you live with yourself?
Let alone breath…
Knowing you mistreated a gift from God…
What are you smoking meth?
I’m done, I’m thru, I really truly quit,
You need to have yourself committed,
Too padded walls and a lock door,
Somewhere deeper than the ground floor,
To learn many lessons you need to answer for.

Copyright © 2015


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